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Sample Corporate Event Photography Contract This Agreement is made this day of, 20, between, (Company) and (Photographer) of (Studio) in, This Agreement is for the following length of time: (i.e.
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The Photographer will also have the exclusive right to have access to company information at locations, such as the Company's headquarters. In addition, the Photographer will, upon request, have the right to photograph the Corporation's Corporate Headquarters. As such, it is the Photographer's responsibility to get permission to photograph the Corporation's Headquarters from Mr. Smith, the Corporate Secretary, the Chief Operating Officer, the Chairman of the board (etc), or the CEO (if this person is not present). It is not the photographer's responsibility to seek out the approval or consent of any staff member or other member of the Corporation in order to photograph Corporate Headquarters. For the duration of this Agreement, the Company will provide the same number of photo passes as they have for previous Corporate Meetings. This agreement specifically states that Photo Passes will be handed out for those who make it to a meeting for any purpose. The photographer will need these passes in order to be allowed to attend the meetings. The Company will provide the Photographer with a list of meetings which they would like to photograph in the same manner as for a normal meeting. These meetings will include any meetings in which the Company, either on its own or if it is representing an investor or group, has participated. No photo passes may be exchanged for other photo passes or discounted corporate meetings. The Photographer will not take photos for any purpose at any corporate event where the Photographer's photo will not be able to be used in the same manner as for a normal meeting. If the Photographer is unable to photograph at a meeting because the meeting is cancelled, or if, because of circumstances beyond the photographer, no photograph will be possible, the Photographer must hand over their corporate pass for use as a photo pass to another employee. This is in lieu of being required to hand over a copy of the corporate pass to the Company. The Photographer is responsible for making sure no one under the photographer's supervision is at the meeting. The Photographer's failure to keep these rules is grounds for dismissal from the Corporation. If the Photographer is unable to be at a meeting he/she will be required to leave immediately, but the Photographer may leave the Corporation upon giving the Company notice. The photographer will be permitted to have access to the company's corporate information at company locations. This includes the Corporate Headquarters.

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This morning I woke up to an email from someone saying that another photographer here on YouTube plagiarized and copied my contract my photography contract and was selling it to people for like 150 did that woke me up let me tell you guys I'm like damn I got energy now you know I like to give people the benefit of the doubt I don't like to assume anything I was like there's no way that this person would do that you know because they know my channel, and they comment on myself and I thought we were cool, so I checked out this person's video, and they were talking about their contract and like exactly what's included in it, and immediately I mean I read my contract like a million times you guys I mean I wrote it myself, and I've used it for however many years I've had this contract forever, so they're reading there reading the contract and I immediately recognized every sentence, and it was very, very similar to mine and the fact that this person is selling it really just puts um just puts me in if it's like a really, really weird situation and I don't like being in this position especially when people are trying to make money off of you know my stuff or things that I worked on because of the situation I feel like I don't want anyone buying an essentially like a copied stolen contract when you could get bigger the same contract from me, I mean it's the original contract, so I wanted to offer you guys it for free for download in this particular situation I feel like I don't want you guys to be paying on our 5000 for that I'll give it to you guys here's the thing I also have an issue with if you're comfortable stealing a cup something and selling it to people what are you what we're still limit what are you not comfortable with like you that really leaves the door wide open like you may scare nothing you'll do a lot of other stuff I guess for me once you copy one thing you really you're like you know what seems so bad I could do it I'm comfortable with that that's okay it's mine now you start to get comfortable with that if you are the actual referred or the person stealing and copying other people's ideas it's it's not going to get you very far I'm just letting you know right now there's going to come a point where you're going to have to come up with your own ideas and guess what if you're copying your ideas all the time if you're copying things from other people how you're going to do it by yourself you might as well learn now there's nothing wrong with being inspired, but there has to be a limit this is a creative field you're going to have to think of your own ideas at some point it's like a snowball effect you know you copy one thing you copy a couple other things, and you start stealing like complete concepts and ideas and then your work really doesn't end up being your work at all I just again a compilation of everyone else's work if you don't want to put in the time doing these photo shoots coming up with concepts and ideas new photography...


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